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"The Inspiration Behind Compositions for Clarinetist Frederick Thurston"

Read Dr. Aileen Razey's doctoral dissertationon the UNT Digital Library.

This document provides a comprehensive biography of Thurston's career as performer and teacher. A complete bibliography of compositions written for him also includes a list of available recordings for each work.


British clarinetist, Frederick Thurston, was a prominent performer and teacher during the first half of the 20th century. His playing inspired 19 composers to write 22 works for him, none of which he personally commissioned. Despite being at the forefront of orchestra, chamber music, new music, and teaching in London, the brevity of his life and two world wars left his legacy overlooked in the United States.


Read Dr. Aileen Razey's article in the International Clarinet Association's publication, The Clarinet

This article provides a complete bibliography of compositions written for Thurston, including publication information for each work.

Published in The Clarinet 46/2 (March 2019)